VPN Service Provider: Online Privacy & Internet Security

Security Issues


Service Description – EuroVPN

The Service consists of an encrypted VPN tunnel between your computer and EuroVPN. The IP-number you receive from your existing ISP is only used to connect your computer to EuroVPN, from there on EuroVPN substitute your existing IP-number with a new IP-number from EuroVPN. This gives you a number of advantages:

    • Your existing ISP will not be able to intercept and track your applications or communications.
    • Your existing ISP can not limit what you can do nor limit what information you can access.
    • Other organizations or individuals can’t intercept or track your applications or communication.

Similar services have been available on the Internet for some time, but this is the first time you can get all the advantages without any drawback.

Notice, that in order to use EuroVPN VPN service you need an existing broadband connection ? if you can’t access the Internet you can’t use EuroVPN in its present form.

Encryption Technology

We offer your choice of three protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. OpenVPN provides you with the most security and privacy. We provide both 128 bit and 256 bit encryption, (128-bit encryption is used for most commercial applications like on-line banking an other financial institutions).

Note: To Enhance your security EuroVPN does not keep any logs.