VPN Service Provider: Online Privacy & Internet Security

Privacy Policy


EuroVPN.org will take all reasonable steps to the extent permitted by law to ensure that access information about the Customer is restricted to those EuroVPN.org personnel who are required to have access to the information in order to enable EuroVPN.org to provide the Customer with service.

EuroVPN.org reserves the right to disclose Customer information in the following cases:

1. The user is found in violation of the terms of service, or the customer has abused the system by using it to attack other systems or to gain unauthorized access to any other system.

2. If at any time the Customer engages in Spamming, which is defined as posting large volumes of unsolicited email or other postings.

3. When required by law or by order of a court.

With the exceptions noted above, the parties? obligations as to confidentiality shall survive any termination of this Agreement.

This privacy policy does not apply to usage logs.Usage logs do not reveal any personally identifiable information, and are only used for the purpose of tracking system abuse and spam. Use logs may be kept for a period of 48 hours for the above stated purpose. However, if a pattern of abuse is found, the usage logs may be retained to investigate the abuse.